About Us

This is where we tell you a bit more about who is behind IM4U, and how we aim to help you solve your specific problems as you begin and move on in your internet business journey.

If it’s of any comfort to you, we too are at an early stage of our own online business journey, so we’d like to extend our hand to you and welcome you because we’re really all in this together!

And because we’ll all be stumbling along the internet road called the super-highway, like a couple of drunks making their way home from the local bar, this website and the content therein is for the benefit of all of us to ensure we have a safe and successful journey to wherever it is you want to go.


Hence, the name of our community, which we sincerely hope you will feel and become a part of: Internet Marketing For Us. So who are we? The driving force behind the website and community is Jeff Laming, a frustrated accountant who is keen to put all of his business skills and knowledge from the accountancy and marketing worlds into……building an online business.

Here’s Jeff with his young son standing on his head and shoulders(!) in the image opposite.

Jeff soon learnt that the 50:50:50 plan was never going to take him to where he wanted to go in his career (the 50:50:50 plan for those not yet aware is where you spend over 50 years working over 50 hours a week for about 50 weeks in each of those years before you get to retire on a pension that is unlikely to exist when you eventually retire – if you make it that far!), so he knew he had to get out of the corporate rut (incidentally, a rut is just a coffin with the ends kicked out).



Can you relate to any of that? How often have you said to yourself that “one day I’ll…", and how many years have now passed when those thoughts first entered your head? Frightening, isn’t it? Well, you will find it to be of no surprise that when you do finally make that decision to “go for it”, often you will come to your next road-block – “…what business am I going to build?...” If you already have an interest or past-time or hobby that you’re passionate about, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting over this particular hurdle. However, if you’ve been exposed to the corporate world for so long that you’ve had your pre-working years passions and interests (like fishing, collecting interesting things etc.) sucked out of you, then don’t get despondent – because we show you in our Blog and Resources pages how to overcome these issues and to help get your creative juices flowing. Just by following a few basic steps, you’ll wonder why many people struggle with this aspect of their fledgling business. So, all that remains is to wish everyone embarking on their online business toast to Your Success! Jeff & The Internet Marketing For Us Team