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Below are a number of free resources that we have used ourselves or have been recommended by people we trust. Remember, "free" does not mean that you will get an all-singing all-dancing tool or piece of software that is going to get your business up and running by itself.

However, what we do know is that the items listed below have helped some people in some small way towards achieving their end goals.

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  • What Is Your Passion?

    1. If you already have a passion you want to follow, then that’s a great start. Click here.
    2. If your passion has been sucked out of you from being a slave to the corporate world, then is there something you’ve always wanted to do or follow? Click here.
    3. If you’re still struggling to find something to light your fire, then what business or work experience do you have that you can share with others? Click here.
  • Can You Make Money From Your Niche?

    1. Is there a market for your passion? Click here.
    2. What exactly are you proposing to do or offer? Click here.
    3. Why would anyone want to buy from you? Click here.
  • Work Out Your Strategy

    Now you’ve determined that there is a good chance you can sell some products (physical and digital) to a starving crowd, what format are you going to supply your customers?

    1. As an affiliate, promoting other people’s or companies products and/or services? Click here.
    2. From developing your own information and creating DVDs and manuals? Click here.
    3. Selling on Amazon? Click here.

If you're ever feeling down, wondering how the hell you're going to get out of whatever almighty mess you might currently find yourself in, then ponder this:-

  1. You are you - and don't let any bugger tell you otherwise;
  2. Accept you were not put on this planet to conform - you are here to live life to the full and if you're not, then start doing something about it. Not tomorrow - now!
  3. So what if you've made some BIG mistakes in life. They're in the past. Keep them there so they evaporate. Don't keep bringing them back to the present.
  4. Take a leaf out of Frank's book. You will get to wherever you want to go - and you will do it your way - not the way of "them". Not the way of the meek, employed crowd. Not the way of the conformists. No, you will do it your way, and when you do, you can proudly stand up to the world's doubters and naysayers and shout from the top of your voice - "I DID IT MY WAY!!!!"
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