Laugh All The Way To The Bank!

Comedians do!

They have been doing so ever since the days of the Court Jester in mediaeval times in England and throughout Europe.

Whether they were paid in currency or in favour nobody seems to know, but the point is this – they produced their own content!

What are we, as online business owners and internet marketers, always struggling to do?

That’s right – provide good quality content (information).

Many comedians take note of what’s going on around them; what people are doing; what they’re watching on television and reading about in newspapers and on the online channels; and what is generally going on in the world.

(Ben White)

It’s been known for comedians to take themselves off to a local cafe and just people watch – all in the name of gathering content for their next show or DVD set.

For inspiration up and coming comedians study how the professionals deliver their punch-lines; they identify the delivery of the timing; and they take the bulk of their content and put their own slant on a subject so as to create their own, original material.

Now, how different – if at all – is that to what we are doing in our online business.

Comedians are masters at telling a short story as part of the joke they deliver.

Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing when we engage with people in our newsletters, blogs, webinars and so on?

In our recent newsletter we explained how the great silent-movie actors such as Charlie Chaplin told stories – funny stories – by using their imagination, using slap-stick comedy as the platform.

All these comedians had to work with was their own imagination.

So it is sad to hear many online business owners complaining that they can’t come up with any content ideas; that they’re not inspired to write anything; that they’re bored and the world owes them a living blah, blah, blah….

Thankfully that’s not you so take a leaf out of the comedians books and build your online business with a happy smile because you know that one day you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

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This Week’s Uplifting Quote

“…How much money you make is a by-product of how helpful you are….” (Pat Flynn)

That’s about it for this week……

Next week, we will……leave as a surprise…..again!

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Jeff and The Internet Marketing For Us Team

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