Looking Ahead With Clarity……

….Without A Crystal Ball!

One of the things you do as an online business owner is to keep looking ahead, and there are a number of reasons why:

• To keep an eye on changes, trends and shifting market patterns.
• To ensure you keep the momentum going as you strive to build your business to a position where it starts to sustain you.
• To become the “expert” and the “go to” person in your niche.

(Xavi Garcia)

Probably one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is that of perseverance.

To keep you on track and to keep plugging away, you need to be able to envisage being successful with your endeavours.

Easier said than done, you may well say, and you’re right.

But the trick is to recognise that you’ve made big strides without realising it, and acknowledging that building an online business is a (continual) process.

It often involves overwhelming yourself with so much activity, that you either give up, or you decide to drop the projects that are not going to, in the short-term, give you the best chance of success of generating revenues.

For example, if you had a choice of producing niche-subject kindle books selling for $7 a time – a project that could take 2 weeks to implement, or following a 3 month course on affiliate marketing, that could generate $1,000 a month, which one would you opt for?

Being aware of how technology and marketing techniques and strategies evolve helps give you that clarity on where you are going.

One of the biggest lessons learnt to help give you clarity when looking ahead is to work out what, to you, is a good place to be in terms of making a comfortable living.

Say, for example, $5,000 a month is a nice place to be in. Yes, you can dream about how you will feel with $5k a month hitting your bank account, and the stuff you can buy and the places you can visit, but you need to put all of that to one side.

Because you need to determine how many units of your product and/or service you need to sell to make $5k.

And you keep breaking it down into units per week and per day.

Then, you can start planning clearly exactly what it is you need to achieve those daily figures, on a consistent basis.

In other words, be clear on what you want to achieve i.e. look ahead with clarity, and then work backwards to determine a clear process.

Funnily enough, one big benefit to this is that as soon as you start feeling anxious or over-whelmed, a look at your clear plan helps banish these negative thoughts and feelings – and keeps you on track.
To help you look ahead with clarity, linking up with an email auto-responder service, like Aweber can get you to where you want to go.

AWeber are the experts in building email lists that become one of your key assets. Check out just a few examples of how they do that for you:-

1. Introduction to AWeber’s service.
2. Growing Your Business With Email Marketing.
3. What To Write Email Course.

Free Products and Content

What’s new?

Here’s another 2 items worth taking a look at:

  1. RendrFX

This is a neat piece of software for bringing images to life on video for social media and websites.


  1. OnlyWire

This looks like a time-saving tool for posting website and blog content to your social media accounts. The basic service is free (ideal for testing), with pricing for higher volume projects.


3. Sarah Staar’s Free Videos

We list below a number of Sarah’s FREE video courses you can view. In addition, there’s a paid-for product course called Affiliate Formula X which you can find by clicking on the image, below:

(A course for online business owners looking to learn how to be profitable with affiliate marketing)

Don’t forget to leverage your time to great effect. Remember, you should be the project manager whilst putting a successful online business together.

Feel free to let us know of any cool tricks, tips and tools you use in your business that are free and of huge benefit to you. We’ll mention you in our next blog post AND in the next gripping tale of The Online Business Owners – Will They or Won’t They?

Here’s Sarah’s list of FREE products. Just click on any of the titles below:

Copy and Profit

How To Sell Affiliate Products

Niche Profits

Traffic Mastermind

YouTube Hijack

All of the above provide the information and answers to the basic requirements to starting a successful online business.

They cover the areas of choosing your niche area or products; how to sell affiliate products (so you can generate the initial cash to re-invest into your business to gain momentum – and higher profits); where to find the traffic i.e. your potential buyers/customers; and the simplicity and potential of using Youtube.

This Week’s Uplifting Quote

“…The voice of Nature loudly cries, And many a message from the skies, That something in us never dies….” (Robbie Burns)
That’s about it for this week……

Next week, we’ll highlight how the 3Ds – desire, discipline and determination – rocket-boost your online business.

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