"The calmness of the sea reflects the sense of achievement of the pursuit of a worthy goal"

The following products and services require a payment to access.

We show them separately on this page so that visitors are under no illusion as to what is being offered.

Depending on where you are in your online business journey, you will have to, at some stage, start investing in yourself and in your business.

As you will have read in the blog articles, changing your mind-set requires an investment in your own education. That has nothing to do with the fact that your business is online. It has everything to do with you being in business.

Then there are some tools shown here that you will have to require for any business. The fact that you are building an online business means the tools are in digital format i.e. software, rather than physical tools i.e. hammers, screwdrivers, lathes etc.

You will find that this resource page will grow over time, and we will aim to keep items in categories as best we can to help save you time.

Please be aware that if you go on to buy any of these products, we at IM4U will stand to make a commission. This is because we have joined the affiliate schemes of the companies that sell these products. The affiliate commission that we earn is one of the revenue streams we have implemented in our own online business. You should be doing the same when you are in a position to do so. Make it one of your priorities to do this as soon as possible. Remember the 80/20 rule. You want to be doing things on your online business where 20% of your time and effort generates 80% of your income.

Here are some great educational packages:

How And Why Facebook Marketing Can Make You Money.

Facebook Marketing - like it or loathe it - its here to stay, and here's how you can take advantage of it. Click here>>>>>>>>

WordPress For Beginners.........and An Advanced Course!

Essential Skills To Build Your Business. Claim your Piece Of Real Estate And Run A Successful Online Business From It. One of the key skills to obtain if you're serious about building and running an online business. Click here >>>>>>> For those who are familiar with building and setting up websites and need that extra know-how and direction on how to boost traffic, ranking and improve overall efficiency, and get lots of other great tips and techniques, then the Advance course could be for you. For further details, Click here >>>> .

Mobile Marketing

We live in a forever changing world. Find out why Mobile Marketing is so important now, and how you can profit from this amazing phenomenon right now! Click here >>>>>

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn How To Stand Out From The Crowd - And Maximise Your Presence.

This course is run by a couple of the top guys in the business. Learn from the masters. Click here >>>>

Membership Websites

Set This Up Correctly And YOU Could be set Up For Life!

Here's a course to get your ideas into practice. Click here for further details>>>>>>>>>

The Writers Retreat

What Engaging Content And Copywriting Are You Going To Use To Attract Customers?

Here's a course that can help you on your way. Not only does it address content and copywriting - it also shows how writing books can generate a source of income in its own right.

Click here to learn more >>>>>>>>

Crowdfunding Masterclass

Is Your Passion Turning Into Something Big AND PROFITABLE? Watch this space for more information. In the meantime, you may wish to check this out. Click here >>>>