The Dawning Of A New Era!

This is it – the talking stops and now the work begins.

You’ve read the articles by the so-called gurus; you’ve listened to the podcasts; and viewed the videos – but now it’s time to start doing!

So what exactly are you going to do?

Here’s a tip or two, especially if funds are a bit tight at the moment, just to get you going:

1. What can you do that you could provide as a service on somewhere like
2. What can you do, or already have, that creates your own product? Could you turn it into a book to sell on Kindle/Amazon?

Really think about this. Put pen to paper if need be. Brain-storm with your best friend or whoever that’s going to give you some encouragement.

Whatever you do, just do it! You’ve got to create some motion before you generate momentum.

Remember, aeroplanes take off against the wind – not with it! But to get to that stage, you’ve got to get in motion, to generate momentum before you get lift-off!

And each of those two ideas above are a great opportunity for you to also build responsive email lists for future marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the best ways you can reach out and give some really great valuable information to your subscribers.

And to help you achieve this, AWeber are experts in building email lists that can create a very valuable, cash-generating asset.

In fact, AWeber now have a great PDF download which you can access directly from here >>>>>>>>.

In addition, check out other great information AWeber offer for your online business :-

1. Introduction to AWeber’s service.
2. Growing Your Business With Email Marketing.
3. What To Write Email Course.

Free Products and Content

What’s new?

Here’s what we’ve come across this past week:

1. Canva

A free online book cover design website.

2. Picmonkey

A free photo editing tool.

3. Sarah Staar’s Free Videos

We list below a number of Sarah’s FREE video courses you can view. In addition, there’s a paid-for product course called Affiliate Formula X which you can find by clicking on the image, below:

Affiliate Formula X

(A course for online business owners looking to learn how to be profitable with affiliate marketing)

Don’t forget to leverage your time to great effect. Remember, you should be the project manager whilst putting a successful online business together.

Feel free to let us know of any cool tricks, tips and tools you use in your business that are free and of huge benefit to you. We’ll mention you in our next blog post AND in the next gripping tale of The Online Business Owners – Will They or Won’t They?

Here’s Sarah’s list of FREE products. Just click on any of the titles below:

Copy and Profit

How To Sell Affiliate Products

Niche Profits

Traffic Mastermind

YouTube Hijack

All of the above provide the information and answers to the basic requirements to starting a successful online business.

They cover the areas of:
• choosing your niche area or products;
• how to sell affiliate products (so you can generate the initial cash to re-invest into your business to gain momentum – and higher profits);
• where to find the traffic i.e. your potential buyers/customers;
• and the simplicity and potential of using Youtube.

This Week’s Uplifting Quote

“…What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others” (Pericles)

That’s about it for this week……

Next week, we will……leave as a surprise….again!

Don’t forget to email us at: with your questions, observations, tips and ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

And please do visit our resources pages on the IM4U website, with both FREE and TO PAY FOR products, at

Until next time….

Jeff and The Internet Marketing For Us Team


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