What Drives You?

“Keep knocking on doors. The one’s that open will show you your destiny”.

The above quote is by someone who had an “idea” of what they wanted to do for an online business, but didn’t really know exactly what it was they wanted to do.

Does that resonate with you or someone you know?

Most people get to this point when they’re fed up with where they are in life.

You often hear them talk about their boring and/or stressful job, and they just want to do something that breaks the monotony – but they don’t know what it is they want to do!

What Drives You?

Keep knocking on doors. The one’s that open will show you your destiny.

(Matthew Henry)
If they had any hobbies, then usually by the time they’ve got to a certain age, they’ve had the stuffing knocked out of them by the corporate world they’ve now become a slave to – and they’ve lost any desire to go back to those hobbies or happy past-times.

So what drives you, even though you’re fed up with life?

Some might say the thought of having to get through the month until the next pay check/cheque.

But is that really what drives you? It’s more like a habit cultivated from years of slogging your guts out in the corporate world.

Many people confuse this issue with passion. Getting up early in the morning after less than 6 hours sleep, 5 days a week is a habit – it’s not a passion, even though you do it to pay the mortgage each month and to take the family away for an annual holiday.

To find out what REALLY drives you is to find out what your purpose is. Now this might sound as if we’re going a bit deep here, and we are.

Because until you peel away the layers of crap that are encrusted on top of what drives you i.e. what your real purpose is in life, you’ll never get started.

And getting started is the key, hence the quote at the beginning of this blog.

Because within us is a willingness to improve, to provide for our loved ones, and to enjoy life.

It’s not always possible to know EXACTLY what you want. Only a very few people know that they want to be this, or to do that etc.

So stop beating yourself up if you’re not passionate about anything. It’s normal!

What’s not normal, though, is to start and follow through on something so that you either cultivate passion or you DO find something that floats your boat.

It’s been said that success disguises itself as hard work. And here’s a perfect example of it in practice.

Set yourself goals and targets; keep adding to your bucket list; and follow your dreams, but do so in the knowledge that what drives you will evolve for the following reasons:-

• Time
• Events
• Age
• Circumstances.

It’s called LIFE. And the difference between you achieving what you eventually achieve and having regrets is recognizing that the four points above are not reasons for giving up, but directions to help drive you towards your goals.

When your purpose evolves you will then realize what drives you, and once you acknowledge this, the way becomes a lot clearer. You can move ahead with purpose. You have a spring in your step that you never had before.

Taking action no longer becomes a chore, and eventually “what drives you?” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As an example, many successful entrepreneurs become philanthropists. They’ve achieved varying degrees of success and what drove them to achieve that success evolves to wanting to help others become successful.

They set up educational and research foundations – Bill Gates is a prime example – and what drives them now is to give back to society and to help and encourage others to fulfill their own capabilities and desires.

Now, going back to what I said earlier, about not having “passion”, and it not being a key feature to overly concern yourself with.

The real key to all of this is to get started on something.

You know deep down you want to do something, but you don’t have a passion for anything and apart from, perhaps, the desire to get out of debt and/or make money, there’s nothing that really drives you to set the world alight.

But if you don’t take action, you’ll NEVER know what drives you.

And here’s what many people find with starting and running an online business – that becomes their purpose and passion and is what eventually drives them to succeed.

It’s not the products or the services that they offer or provide that drives them. It’s a mixture of the following:-

• Learning new things (you start seeing things your mind had previously shut yourself off from – and your mind awakens to new possibilities);

• Competition – the thrill of the chase! You’ve made one sale, now you want to make two sales and so on. You now realize why you’re such a bad loser at cards! And why you’re a grumpy old git when your favorite football team loses. You’re competitive!

• Running the business gives you the “buzz”. Not the products or services, but the fact you’re starting to learn a process or series of processes that creates revenue.

• Choices. The more doors you knock on, and the more that open, the more choices you have. Yes, generating revenues and building a successful online business is great, but the results become a by-product of what really drives you.

So keep on going with your online business. Dismiss the naysayers and NEVER give up, because eventually you will find what really drives you.

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  • This Week’s Uplifting Quote

    “..Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!…” (source: Audrey Hepburn)

    That’s about it for this week……

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