Whatever Way You Look At It…..

….It Still Boils Down To This!

Are you the sperm that fertilizes the egg?

Apologies if the above is getting down to “basics”, but there’s no other way to get the point across – to succeed you’re going to have to have certain attributes to develop.

No, you are not hard done by if you have no talent – that can be created.

And, no, you are not disadvantaged if you’re parents are poor.

In fact, whilst “outside” factors, such as your environment, can have a bearing on shaping you as a person, they do not determine your destiny.

There’s only one thing that can do that – YOU!

The 3 Ds – desire, determination and discipline – are crucial attributes to possess to succeed in whatever you want to do.

Yes, they count for a lot, but to even nurture and develop the 3 Ds, the reality to get the ball rolling starts with something much simpler – are you prepared to change?

Are you prepared to change your:-
• Habits; and
• Way of thinking; and
• Environment; and
• Attitude?

This has to be the first step towards helping yourself to achieve what you want to achieve.

Let’s expand on each of the above to give you more of an idea:-

• Go to bed 15 minutes earlier (even if you have “something to finish”).
• Get up 30 minutes earlier.
• Exercise for 5 to 10 minutes. This gets the blood circulating and your mind up to speed. So what if you ache for a few days. Keep doing the exercises, and you’ll start feeling the benefits within a week. And you’ll start seeing the benefits after a month.
• Cut out all biscuits and snacks between meals.
• Drink water regularly – instead of coffee.
• Stop watching television.
• Stop reading newspapers.

Now, these habits are easy to implement, aren’t they? They’re not going to kill you, are they? Good – so start straight away.

Way of Thinking
• Focus on those areas of your life that you have control over – and ignore those areas that you have no control over. For example, stop fretting about the idiotic laws passed by government. Just carry on, in spite of your self-righteous politicians. Your goal is far bigger than their egos.
• Think of the value you can provide – not how much it will cost you to provide it. If you offer great value that people are prepared to pay for, the cost pales to insignificance.
• Talk positively to yourself. The moment negativity enters your mind, be consciously aware of it – and banish it from your mind.

Be your own coach – talk yourself up at all times i.e. “..I can do this, I can do this, I WILL do this, I WILL do this….”. This is great self-talk, especially if you’re doing a 5 km run in the freezing cold!

And this is a great insulation against any negative self-talk that pops into your mind.

• In a job you don’t like, or even hate? Do something about it straight away, and change it – now.
• Are your friends always talking negatively, or complaining, or moaning? Make your excuses and stop seeing less of them.
• Join a good local business network group – and make new, positive thinking friends.

Who you associate with has a big bearing on how quickly you move forward with your plans and goals – go for it!

• Still think life owes you a living? Snap out of it!
• We all want the good things in life, but your focus must firstly be on offering great service to people who want what you offer. Make it a win-win situation, and the rewards will follow.
• Never give up, no matter how many set-backs you have along the way.
• Keep a sense of humour – it will help you get through the tough times.
• Smile, talk yourself happy, and be loving – give a smile, give love – and see what comes back! It works!

The one thing you can’t control or determine is how long it will take you to get to where you want to be.

But that’s okay, because if you “make” yourself enjoy the journey, and you savour the small wins and steps of progress, whilst treating the set-backs as opportunities to learn and improve, then does it really matter how long it takes?

By all means, set deadlines if you feel this will help to keep you accountable to yourself or to a mentor – and if it works, then do it.

Whatever way you look at it, your achievements and success all boil down to one thing…..YOU!

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This Week’s Uplifting Quote

“…Customer Service is not a department – it’s an attitude ….” (The Cash Flow Chap)

That’s about it for this week……

Next week, there’ll be an insight into how your online business impacts positively on you, as a person.

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Jeff and The Internet Marketing For Us Team

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